Rabu, 01 April 2009

Contoh surat lamaran kerja bahasa inggris 1

Under & Fresh Graduate - Marketing/sales

. Jl.Panjang 15
. Kebayoran Lama
. Jakarta Selatan 12540

April 01, 2009

Mr. Muhammad Mahbubi
General Manager HRD
PT. Engkok Nyare-ah Kakan (E.N.K.) Celluler Tama
Jl. Katamso 314 Sidomukti Kraksaan Probolinggo
Jawa Timur 67282

Dear Mr. Mahbubi
In September 2005, I will receive my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing from the Trisakti University Jakarta, and I am interested in obtaining an entry –level position with your company. Friends have told me about PT. E.N.K. Celluler Tama, and I understand you have a superior marketing department.

My undergraduate studies covered a wide range, with the concentrations in statistics, economics, and law as well as in marketing. As such, I believe I have a strong business background and would work well in your organization.

I have enclosed my resume showing my work experience during summers and part-time employment while in college. From this information, you will see that I am active, motivated person and will continue this aggressiveness with your organization.

I look forward to meeting you. When can we set up an appointment for interview? I may be reached at (021) 581-2222.


Beta Mutiara

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